3 May 2021

Evaluation of MICI Effectiveness Published

The Inter-American Development Bank’s Office of Evaluation recently published its evaluation report of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI), the bank’s independent accountability mechanism. The report analyzes MICI’s effectiveness in handling complaints from those affected by the bank’s activities and promoting institutional learning.

The report notes a handful of crucial shortcomings with current MICI practice, including the related practice of bank management and the Board of Directors. It examines how certain eligibility restrictions have created confusion among would-be complainants or otherwise restricted access to MICI. The report critiques several factors undermining the independence of MICI. And it describes how cases that go through a compliance review too frequently fail to result in corrective action that remedies the harm incurred by local communities.

The report consequently makes several recommendations for MICI and the bank. It recommends repealing one particularly cumbersome eligibility restriction and ceasing the intrusions that undermine MICI’s independence. The report also recommends taking steps to ensure corrective action, including a more consistently robust process for creating action plans and exploring options for addressing systemic obstacles to remedy.

Read the full report here.