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Accountability Counsel is committed to undertaking its work with integrity, to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, and with full respect for the rights, interests, and agency of the communities and organizations with whom we partner.

If you have any concerns about our work, or knowledge of any misconduct or violations of the policies linked below, we strongly encourage you to submit a report using this form. All reports will be taken seriously. Reports can be submitted anonymously. We will not retaliate or discriminate against any person who makes a report.

Information relating to the concern and subsequent case management will be kept secure at all times and shared only with those who are necessary for handling the case. Accountability Counsel will ensure that confidential, detailed, and accurate records of all policy violations are maintained and securely stored.

More information about our policies can be found below:

If you have any questions about these policies, please reach out to us at Our Executive Director and Director of Finance and Administration will receive those emails.