22 February 2019

Sharing Accountability Counsel’s Mission at the Cox Servant Leadership Symposium

Accountability Counsel’s Executive Director Natalie Bridgeman Fields gave the keynote address at the Cox Servant Leadership Symposium at the Haverford School today, sharing Accountability Counsel’s mission and work. The students had engaging follow-on discussions about the interconnectedness of the global economy and how they can leverage their influence to demand greater justice in international finance.

This talk was facilitated by the Haverford School’s Accountability Counsel Club, which exposes high school students to pressing human and environmental rights issues, challenges them to think critically about justice in development, and provides an opportunity to contribute to Accountability Counsel’s mission. We welcome students to start their own chapter of an Accountability Counsel club, or to think of other creative ways to get involved. If you would like to learn more or share ideas, please reach out to us at info@accountabilitycounsel.org.