2011 Efforts to Improve the Mechanism

Accountability Counsel’s Letter to the IDB’s President and Board

On 16 September, 2011, Accountability Counsel submitted a letter to the IDB’s president and board, requesting action to address issues with the MICI’s functioning and policies. The letter was endorsed by civil society partners throughout Latin America.

Accountability Counsel worked with civil society partners in the Americas, as well as groups and individuals that have filed complaints to the MICI, to bring to light concerns with the MICI policy and operations that remained or presented themselves in the first year of MICI operations. The review focused on weaknesses within the MICI that prevented it, in policy and practice, from providing a transparent, accessible, fair and effective process for communities impacted by IDB operations. Accountability Counsel has been engaged in conversations about these concerns with the executive directors of the IDB, the staff of the MICI, and members of U.S. Congress.

Accountability Counsel’s Review of MICI after the First Year of the Revised Policy

Accountability Counsel conducted an in-depth analysis and critique of the first year of the MICI’s operations. In August 2011, Accountability Counsel prepared a briefing paper with these critiques.