17 May 2023

ADB safeguards policy update must prioritise people and the planet, says NGO Forum on ADB

As the Asian Development Bank (ADB) commemorates its 56th year of operations in Asia, the NGO Forum on ADB and its allies raised concerns about the potential dilution of key safeguard commitments. While the ADB has made progress towards reform, the consultations suggest that the Bank may prioritise the private sector and borrowing governments over the well-being of affected communities and the environment.

The Forum Network urgently calls on the ADB to prioritise the lessons learned from project-affected communities in shaping the new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF).

“Strong Environmental and Social safeguards are important, but to be meaningful, they also require a strong accountability infrastructure. Project-affected communities are best placed to know when a project has unintended environmental and social harms, and an effective Accountability Mechanism ensures that ADB hears from these communities,” says Radhika Goyal, of Accountability Counsel.

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